Full Brand  
Are you just starting out with an idea or business? Do you have a name but need a logo? Or maybe you have had product or service for a few years & want to bring it bang up to date with hot visuals - then this is for you! Starting with mood boards & ideas, I work closely with my clients on their initial ideas, to build their brand identity though a cohesive design strategy aiming to promote what you do in vivid colour! We go through a multitude of design developmental stages, several round of feedback & adjustments all to get the perfect look for your brand. You will then receive a full branding guideline document on how to use your new assets.  
Brand Refresh 
Ideal for businesses, brands or creatives who already have a logo & business concept, but who need help in discovering their brand vision & aesthetics. Let me give your competitors something to squirm about when you re-launch your brand or service back into the wilderness with a hot new look! 
Thank you!